Easy Home
We transform the suburbs
and develop the post-industrial lifestyle of successful people
Easy Home
We transform the suburbs and develop the post-industrial lifestyle of successful people
About Us
We work for landowners and investors
Easy Home is a fee-development company that deals with the complex development of large land plots and manages the construction of cottage estates. We have been implementing development projects for landowners and investors for 14 years.

The transition to a post-industrial lifestyle is the main driver of our market growth. Remote working, freedom of movement, choice of the best locations, living in beautiful, spacious houses, and a modern infrastructure for personal success and family happiness - this is how we see the lifestyle of successful people in the new age. Our customers are creative professionals. People of action who use their minds and will to solve unconventional issues and create innovations. Find out more, join our NewRigaLife

community. We're creating a new property category - resorts for permanent living, home working, healthy living and upbringing of children. The set of solutions we offer is far superior to conventional business-class apartments. We are opening a multi-billion market with low competition and high margins.

Do you need details? Ask a question. We can help you to make a successful project.
Our flagship project
Britanica- 33 ha and 600 households. We have reached a 5-time increase in the landowner’s profit. We have definitely hit the market and built the best estate in the New Riga, with sales on pace to set a record.
What is included in the fee-developer’s services?
  • Conceptual Design
    Land analysis. Conceptual design. Master and business planning. Legal and financial arrangements. Approval of project feasibility study.
  • Pre-Project Preparation
    Changing the category and permitted use of a land plot. Obtaining technical specifications. Issuing of a building permit.
  • Construction Organization
    Design, construction management, customer and general contractor functions. Supervision. Handing over the property to purchasers and operating organization.
  • Sales and Customer Service
    Advertising and marketing. Sales organization. Customer service, dealing with a range of house improvement and relocation issues. Supporting residents after moving in.
  • Admiration
    Creating a supportive environment for getting to know each other and establishing friendly relations between neighbors. Regular events and celebrations. Inclusion of community in the process of estate development and improvement. Convenience and quality of the social environment is a very important aspect for buyers of countryside real estate.
  • Operation
    HUC arrangements, provost service establishment: security, outdoor cleaning, engineering equipment operation, duty service, collection of payments, community management.
  • Administration and Reporting
    Financial and legal support for the development project. Borrowing and working with banks. Interacting with government agencies. Advocacy, when necessary. Reporting to landowners and investors.
Do you have a large land plot?
min 30 ha, max 50 km from MKAD
Implemented projects

We have learned a lot in 14 years: the country was changing, the market was changing, we were changing

Top Team

We are an AGILE team aiming at superior results and client admiration

  • Dmitry Pankratov
  • Julia Bereznikova
  • Eugene Nalivko
    Business Development and Customer Service Director

Why Choose Us

  • Speed of project launch
    A professional team with extensive experience in all areas of suburban development is involved in the project from day one: marketing, sales, project management, construction, customer service, operations, legal support, business planning and risk management
  • Market targeting
    All estates are created and marketed using a product development methodology, studying the core audience, its problems and preferences
  • Risk minimization
    Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of know-how on creating prosperous estates. New projects are implemented on proven business processes by teams of experienced specialists.
  • Financial result maximization
    The performance of all core functions within a single company allows profits to be concentrated in the customer’s hands
  • Time saving
    It usually takes one or two working days a month to monitor and adjust the course of the project
  • Source of pride
    Our customers are proud of the projects they have completed together with us. Beautiful estates, happy community, recognition.

Where to start?

SEND the cadastral number of your land plot
We consider only large land plots of 30 hectares and more within 50 km from Moscow ring road (MKAD).
OBTAIN the analysis of its development options
Within one week, you get a financial model with analysis of use cases, landowner's return estimate, investment amount, NPV, IRR and project time frame.
MEET to discuss details
We make a presentation on the development options for your land plot. You get an expert opinion and figures confirmed by our experience.
Ask a question
about large land plots and suburban property development